About Sweety Cake Bakery

Sweety is a world traveler with majestic pastry & bakery experience. She wants to share that love and craft with you and make your day even more special.

She is here for you, to meet your every wish. Let's make the celebration great and on time!

Dusanka ~ Sweety started her creative path in high school, and professionally since 1998. Learning from the best and many years of professional work has led her to beautiful results.

These results came from 10 years of professional work on the World's luxury ships. During those years, a desire arose to open her bakery where she could express her creativity and a special line of healthy cakes.

Throughout her life, she was focused on a healthy lifestyle Yoga, alternative medicine, etc. She noticed that there is a great need for more gluten-free and dairy-free products and of course the need for cakes that are made from scratch with quality ingredients.

 Here is the rainbow offer of her healthy line of cakes. Enjoy!